Photoshop Adventures: Power Lines, Be Gone!

Photoshop Adventures: Power Lines, Be Gone!

This week, my com­pa­ny has been work­ing on a client’s web­site, mak­ing some slight design adjust­ments and choos­ing new pho­tos for some of their pages. They’d expressed a desire to use this image as the head­er for their site:


The most glar­ing prob­lem I saw was the pole and myr­i­ad tele­phone lines dis­tract­ing from the main sub­ject of the pho­to. So they were the things I took care of first, cre­at­ing a new lay­er enti­tled “clone stamp” and using the clone stamp, heal­ing brush, and paint­brush tools to clean every­thing up. This was rather painstak­ing, tak­ing about 40 min­utes to do since some of what I was remov­ing was in heav­i­ly detailed areas, like the white house on the right and the tiles on the main build­ing.


Then I want­ed to adjust the col­or and con­trast a bit. I cre­at­ed two Hue/Saturation adjust­ment lay­ers: one for the whole pho­to, and one with just a mask to tar­get the main build­ing. I also cre­at­ed a build­ing-spe­cif­ic Col­or Bal­ance lay­er to help it stand out just a lit­tle bit more. Final­ly, I cre­at­ed a Curves adjust­ment lay­er to adjust the con­trast of the entire image. Here is the final result:


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